Yes, You Can Buy Canadian!

Do you try to support Canadian suppliers?  Much of what we use to promote our brand originates offshore but not everything.  There is a wide variety of well-made and interesting products which are made right here, eh!

Style from Schleeh

Make your brand stand out in style!

Perhaps you are looking for interesting desktop items which set themselves apart from the typical “office supply superstore” stuff.  Schleeh Design in Montreal has many great ideas for you.  All of their products are highly stylized and really make a statement.  Whether its notepads, desk organizers or something else, Schleeh has you covered.

Schleeh also has the most amazing furniture as well as totally unique vases and vessels if you are looking for more substantial pieces.

Looking for something a little more traditional?  Canadian manufacturers have a wide variety of high quality products for you to consider.  For instance, DGroup Trevelyan is a well-established supplier of leather  and vinyl goods such as portfolios, binders and even unique items like coasters, coin set holders and passport wallets.

High quality leather goods made right here in Canada!

Before you consider an offshore product, why not see if you can get something that’s made right here in Canada, eh!


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