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Canadian Golf Study Results

ImageIn September of 2012, the National Allied Golf Associations published their findings report about the state of golf in Canada.  Since golf apparel and accessories have traditionally been a large category for premium and incentives providers, the core results are of great interest.

Overall, there is zero growth among those playing golf.  Among 5.7 million golfers in Canada, there are about 18% or 1.026 million golfers entering and leaving the game every year.Golf Spending

Also, the study indicates that the number of golfers playing fewer rounds (38%) is more than double the number of golfers playing more rounds.  The effective golfer population has a very focused and narrow appeal.  It is comprosed of high income earners (42%), post secondary graduates (62%) and is mostly male (70%). Golf Rounds

Whereas 17%, or 969,000, current golfers took up the game as a child, we now see only 7% or 399,000 of today’s golfers with children playing the game.  There are, however, slightly more teenagers in golf today at 513,000 players.

This study illustrates that golf may become a less significant Golferscomponent of the branded merchandise business due Canada’s changing demographic and cost associated with playing the game.  As a result, golf offerings are becoming higher quality, brand-name oriented and incorporating more technology to aid the average golfer.  Today’s golfer is much more sophisticated and will certainly recognize and expect those items which have a higher perceived value.

Illustrations courtesy of Imprint Canada