What’s All The Buzz About Branding?

Have a look at these well known logos.  How many are instantly recognizable to you? brands

They don’t even need a name to be easily recognized.  And that is not an accident or a happy coincidence.  It takes a lot of time and effort to make your company that well known.  But how important is that really if you are not an international Mega-Corp?

The simple answer is that a positive brand message can be make or break for a small business.  Your customers want to be confident in their choice of a business partner.  They want to be able to trust and rely upon you.  And when you spend all that effort to create a superior customer experience, there are ways in which you can project that image to other potential customers.

By creating and using a consistent brand, which can consist of anything from a strong logo to company colours to a tag line, you create instant recognition which separates you from your competition.  People are visual creatures so we respond to images and especially ones which make a strong and lasting impact on us.  That is why telephone books and other print-based services have always been able to sell full page colour ads.  It’s top of mind awareness that is being constantly reinforced by your branding.

Your brand doesn’t even have to stay the same.  As long as it embodies the original principles, it can continue to evolve and people will accept it.  If you look at the image below, you can see how the well known Shell Oil logo kept changing over the years.  It changed but it stayed highly recognizable and, today, it doesn’t even need a name.

shell brand

So what is a great way to get started in promoting your brand?  It’s promotional products, of course!  Those are low-cost branded items which stay with your customers or prospects all the time.  From simple office products like pens and note cubes to more sophisticated tablet cases and power products, whatever you can logo is going to have a positive impact on your business.

It doesn’t matter what you do in your business, there are literally thousands of cost effective ways to keep your brand at your customer’s fingertips.  According to the PPPC 2013 Industry Survey, 17% of promotional products are used once a day!  And another 29% are used at least once a week.  That’s great exposure for your business.  You might want to know that 36% of promotional product users pass the product along to someone else.  Mostly that is because promotional products are useful!


The PPPC survey of consumer behavior has come up with all kinds of interesting reasons to use promotional products.  Did you know that 88% of consumers who received promotional products recalled the advertiser’s name.  Try getting that from other advertising methods!

Drop us a line today to get your brand into shape!




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