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History of The Hoodie

Hoodies for the casual lifestyle

Hoodies are one of the most versatile wardrobe items you can own!

Sure, monks and druids wore hooded robes centuries ago, but where did the modern hoodie originate?

For that, we can thank Champion Products of Rochester, NY who came up with the modern hoodie in the 1930’s.

Champion added hoods to sweatshirts to give labourers and athletes an extra layer of protection from the elements.  The first hoodies were used in cold storage warehouses and by outdoor workers like tree surgeons.  Soon after that, football players discovered that hoodies were great at keeping you warm and dry on the sidelines.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that Rocky Balboa started to make hoodies ideal for a street-wise look.  Graffiti artists found that the hoodie gave them some anonymity.  Rappers liked the rough and ready look.  And musicians, surfers and skateboarders adopted the hoodie as an anti-establishment uniform.

Rover gets a hoodie

Who doesn’t love a hoodie?

Today, the hoodie is the preferred casual garment of millions of people.

Thanks to Wearables Magazine for the background!